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14 September 2022 - 19 September 2022
Vienna, Austria
uxcon vienna 2022

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uxcon vienna 2022


uxcon vienna is an international platform for UX enthusiasts and Vienna's first international conference for UX Research and UX Design. We provide professional exchange and build a bridge between the European UX scene and pioneers in the US as well as knowledge transfer at the highest level. Learn from the best, meet like-minded people and level up your knowledge!

Make a match

This matchmaking platform is an easy way to meet like-minded people:

  • Connect with other participants via chat funciton
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings (online or hyrbid/in-person at uxcon vienna)
  • Publish a business profile and draw attention to your needs and offers (e.g. for jobs, projects, ...)

1:1 meeting sessions

You can easily schedule private meetings in this tool by sending meeting requests to those who you want to meet:

  • Hybrid meetings (when one person is attending the in-person event and the other has an online-ticket)  can be held anywhere at the conference area (we recommend anzenbergergallery outside of breaks).
  • For in-person meetings there will be a designated meeting point at uxcon vienna where people meet each other, but of course you can also decide for yourselfs where to meet!
  • You can also arrange online-meetings (when both participants have an online-ticket or before/after the event)

For more information see "How it works" or "FAQ".

Closed since 16 September 2022
Absberggasse 27
1100 Vienna, Austria
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Armenia 1
Austria 86
Belgium 3
Bulgaria 7
Czech Republic 4
Finland 1
Germany 56
Hungary 2
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 1
Netherlands 5
Poland 6
Portugal 5
Spain 3
Sweden 6
Switzerland 3
United Kingdom 10
United States 7
Total 209
Company 165
R&D Institution 2
Agency 23
Authority/Government 3
Other 16
Total 209